Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grace Singing on the way home from Church (10-02-11)

After church, Grace decided to "grace" us with her musical stylings. Here are some of her favorites...
Baa Baa Black Sheep...

ABC's..."thank you for my ABC's"

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

Thank you, Grace, for always providing the entertainment!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Carolina vs. Auburn Football Game (10-01-11)

Adam and I decided to go to the Carolina vs. Auburn game. It was a beautiful fall day for football. Hope and Tripp were out of town so they let us use their parking pass in Seawell's. They are a part of a group of about 12 couples that have been tailgating together for years but this is their first year in that location. Taylor and Steve also tailgate with this group so we were able to hang out with them along with Marshall, Jason, and Kendra.
A sweet couple from our bible study also tailgate at Seawell's, Bryan and Christina. We were able to enjoy the dance party that was at their tailgate. They had quite the set up- I mean, these were tailgating professionals.
We then went into the game with Taylor and Steve. It must admit it was strange to be dressed in garnet and black when all of the Auburn fans were in orange. A few times I did have to remind myself that USC was not playing the Clemson Tigers so I was dressed appropriately.
It was a perfect day for great friends and football- we were fortunate to enjoy both!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kyle and Kate's Engagement Party in Raleigh (09-24-11)

Adam and I drove up to Raleigh to celebrate the engagement of Kyle Bever and Kate Hedrick. Kyle, better known as Beve in our house, went to NC State with Adam and they have been great friends ever since. We absolutely adore Kate and we are thrilled that he has found someone so wonderful. We are looking forward to their wedding in November!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

English Gallery's Birthday Celebration (09-10-11)

After Scott Smith's wedding reception was over we headed to Liberty downtown to celebrate English Gallery's birthday. She is in our supper club and is such a fun person. We always have a great time we get together.

Ley met us up at Liberty and we ran into Allie. You never know when you will have an Irmo reunion in Columbia.

Scott Smith and Heather's Wedding (09-10-11)

On September 10, 2011 Adam and I had the opportunity to go to Scott Smith and Heather Sewell's wedding. Scott and I have known each other for about 8 years. After I started learning sign language at Clemson, I became very active in the deaf community in the upstate. Once I came home to Columbia in the summer I wanted to continue learning and meeting people in this community. I began attending First Baptist Church downtown because they have a deaf ministry. Scott Smith was one of the first people that I met. He was actually in high school at the time. I then met other amazing deaf individuals and enjoyed my time attending the deaf sunday school class and their special events. The following summer, I worked as a counselor at Camp Wonder Hands which is a fantastic camp for children in South Carolina who are deaf or hard of hearing. It was such a fun experience and I would love to do it again sometime. Scott's mother actually founded the camp.

Scott's two best friends are Chris Dorn and Joseph Chavis and they are a blast. I have been so blessed by this group of friends and appreciate their friendship so much. I remember going to Scott's wrestling match while he was in high school and it is hard to believe that he has grown up to an amazing man with an incredible wife. I have had the opportunity to meet Heather and she is just perfect for him.

Here is a picture of me with Chris (on the left) and the groom, Scott (on the right)
The beautiful reception...
A sweet first dance with a beautiful bride...
The yummy cake...
Brandy and I...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend at Isle of Palms 2011

For Labor Day weekend, the Parrish Clan headed down to Isle of Palms to relax and celebrate Taylor and Hope's birthday (since they both fall in September). It was the first time that we were able to go to Ed and Cyndi's new beach house. It was absolutely beautiful and one of the great things about it is that it is right on the beach so we could easily enjoy the sand and sun.

Tripp and Charlie enjoying some father-son time...
Grace had an absolute blast at the beach. Can you tell she was excited?

Adam and Grace enjoying the waves...
USC had a football game that weekend and Charlie was ready to cheer on the team...As much as we all enjoyed the beach the hit of the weekend definitely was the pool. It was so easy and convenient to just walk outside and jump in the refreshing water.

Carter was the biggest pool baby. He just loved the water. He had the most fun when Uncle Steve was throwing him up in the air while in his pool float.
Hope and Charlie enjoying the pool...
Aunt Tay Tay and Uncle Teve with Carter...
Let's get this party started...
We were also able to celebrate Taylor and Hope's birthday while we were there. We opened presents and then headed out to dinner.
We went to a delicious dinner at Hall's Chophouse in downtown Charleston.
I, of course, had to try the oysters...They were so good!
The restaurant easily became a new favorite. Everything we tasted was absolutely amazing- from the steak and lobster to the caramel cake! The food wasn't the only thing that was great- the company was even better!

Monday, June 27, 2011

An Outing with Grace (06-26-11)

On Sunday morning we picked this happy face up and headed to church. Grace did great in the nursery! Afterwards we headed to Cracker Barrel for some pancakes. I wouldn't exactly call it nutritious but it was a great end to a fun morning!